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» Banquet Catering
Typically, banquet caterers will offer a simple pricing guideline based on staffing, equipment, and menu requirements of the event, with plenty of room for creativity.

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In some regions, one grape variety is used to make a wine; in others, winemakers blend several varieties in a single wine. To help you identify grape varieties, below is an overview of each of the major red grapes and their characteristics.

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010020_mertens_xx_fs_v.jpgWhen it starts getting cold outside (which it has for many already), it's nice to sit by a warm fire. With this sleek "Fire Starter" lighter you can do it in style. 
Fire Starter Lighter l $25 at violet.com

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(CBS)The shortage of migrant workers in California could soon drive up the cost of fruits and vegetables for consumers.

» Recipe: Margarita Pork Kebabs

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