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» Quick Guide To Wedding Catering: Part One
After watching the happy couple exchange vows and begin their married life together, your guests will be hungry. Many of the guests may have scaled back on eating in order to look good for pictures or just because they were so busy during the day. So feed them right.

» Quick Guide To Wedding Catering: Part Two
So you’ve tasted the offerings of the caterer and you’ve selected your main menu options. What about drinks? What’s on tap Much like selecting the menu options, you will need to factor in what kinds of drinks everyone would like to drink.

» Highlight That Special Bottle with Angelshare Single Bottle Cellar

Angelshare Single Bottle Cellar

Got that one special bottle to save for a special moment? Then dedicate it to its own wine cellar from Angelshare.  The specialness of the bottle is emphasized by the sculptural design of the unit.

Angelshare Single Bottle Cellar  |  $396 at Compact Impact

» Lorenzo’s Celebrates Grand Reopening After Fire Damaged Pizza Shop
(credit: Tim Jimenez)A line formed here outside of Lorenzo's at 3rd and South, close to an hour before its 11 a.m. grand reopening.

» What’s Cooking on 1060: Seafood, Cajun Food, and a South Philly Feast
(David Ralic of Ralic's On South.  Credit: Hadas Kuznits)Hadas Kuznits covers a seafood restaurant on South Street, a Christmas celebration at a Reading Terminal Market shop and an Italian feast in South Philadelphia.

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